Please see calendar for class dates and times.  We would encourage you to contact the instructor to sign up.  Thank you!

Personal Training/Nutrition & Group Fitness Classes:
Sandy Tammel, ISSA CFT ~ Owner and Certified Fitness Trainer.  Sandy is an instructor for individuals seeking personal training to meet their fitness goals. She also teaches a variety of group fitness classes, such as Total Body Workout, 6:30 A.M. Fitness Express, Tai Chi Quan, Active Senior Fitness and Senior Strength Training.  Sandy has had past health issues of her own over the past years and has taken a personal training course herself and was very successful in losing 60 pounds while obtaining optimal health.  Through this experience and education she has been inspired to pay this forward to help others who are seeking fitness training to improve their own health and physical condition.  She has the love and compassion to help others to reach their fitness goals to live a long and Healthy Lifestyle!  If you want to improve your quality of life, please inquire about the many classes or individual training Sandy has to offer to help reach your fitness goals! Call or Text Sandy at 507-272-3731    

Creative Dance Class for Kids:

Jane Peck has taught dance to students aged 3 to 83 throughout her career, and school dance residencies across the state for the Minnesota State Arts Board for twenty years. Jane was named Artist Educator of the Year by Young Audiences of MN. She was founder and director of Theater Nest, a Minneapolis Parks children’s performing arts workshop for 12 years- teaching the dance segment. She has years of training in modern dance, ballet, folk dance, ballroom, and dance history, directing her own performances with her company, Dance Revels Moving History. Jane mentored classroom teachers in movement through the MN State Perpich Center for the Arts, has a MAED in education, and taught dance for 6 years at Winona State. She loves to move!!  For further information and registration for the class, please see the class description for details.

Shake Your Soul Dance Class for all Ages:

Stephanie (Steph) Jakim is a Family doctor who was recently certified as a 'Shake Your Soul' instructor.  She pursued this training because she strongly believes that joyful movement is one of the best "medicines" for our body, mind and spirit.  For further information and registration please email Steph at:  


Nancy Martinson is a certified Yoga instructor and has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years.  She has been teaching Yoga in Lanesboro since 2004. She offers private Yoga sessions with emphasis on the participant's needs and also offers Yoga for golfers and bicyclists.  For further information on Tuesday and Thursday morning classes please call Nancy at 507-467-3308.

A Journey of Healing Addiction:
Sue Betts is a Recovery Coach - Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner and has been in long term sobriety of over 16 years. Sue brings over 13 years of studies and practice in the Healing Arts Modalities of working with thousand of clients through their pain bodies and teaching workshops in Mindfulness - Energy Body - Ayurveda Self-Care - Creating Sacred Space.  Please join us in the discovery of "YOU"  For further information and registration please email Sue at:  or Call 507-259-4309.

 If you have any questions or want to register for a class, please contact the individual instructor.