Special Events

Paint and Pour Classes

With Joni Finnegan

Coffee Street Fitness Center, Downtown Lanesboro 

Looking for a fun creative outlet?  Try a “Paint and Pour Class” in

downtown Lanesboro. Come by yourself or get a group of friends together

for 2 hours of laughter and creativity you never knew you had in you!

Each student will sit down in front of a pre-sketched artist canvas, acrylic

paint and brushes.  The instructor Joni Finnegan will guide you step by step

through the process of creating your very own painting.  You will go home

with a finished painting of your own to hang in your home.

$38.00 per student all painting supplies are provided.

Pre-registration is required.  Class sizes are limited ...so register soon!

(Sorry, no classes scheduled at this time.  If you have a group of people

interested, please contact Joni or Sandy.)

Student requirements:

Laughter and a great mood....

If you want a “pour”- a libation of any kind please bring it to class with you.

You can pick up juices, healthy pick me ups and fresh coffee at Lanesboro’s

Community Grounds Market or a bottle of wine at Granny’s Liquor  

(special discounts for class students at Granny's Liquor).

Its a small town everything is just across the street.

Need a party event?  Schedule a Paint and Pour Class. 

Minimum group size 6 and maximum of 12.

Pre-registration is required. Call Joni 507-272-0254 or jfinnridge@gmail.com 

or Call or Text Sandy at Coffee Street Fitness Center 507-272-3731

*** Gift certificates available.  Please contact Sandy at 507-272-3731


Weight Watchers Program 

Every Wednesday 6:15-7:15 PM

Come join us where we all strive for the same Goal!

--over 2,000 total pounds lost since we started in February 2015.

For more info, click below....

of people in the Individual Personal Strength Training Program

Please open and read the following stories:                                           

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I started working out with Sandy Tammel in June 2016.  At that time, I was in a lot of pain!  I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2010.  I was taking two prescription medications along with over-the-counter pain relievers to get through the day and a night's sleep.  It was very difficult in the beginning weeks but Sandy got me through it and has taught me so many things about fitness, a healthy diet and lifestyle.  I was also overweight but after eight months of working out with her guidance, I am happy to say that I am no longer taking any prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications.  I have lost a lot of weight --now I am in the normal weight range!  This has been the first Winter in many years that I did not suffer from pain.  Sandy has helped me build up the strength I needed in all of my muscles which was causing a lot of my pain.  I am very grateful to Sandy in making this journey so successful!  I am enjoying gardening again and all the things I love to do with my growing family without the everyday pain.  Also, I am looking forward to spoiling and getting down to the floor to play with the next grandbaby coming soon!

Candi Brumm


I did six months of personal training with Sandy and am very pleased with the results.  She taught me proper lifting and breathing techniques. It has improved my balance, coordination and flexibility.  I have also toned my core muscles.  I definitely plan on using Sandy as my life and fitness coach in the future.  Thanks Sandy!

Patrick Schmidt


Sandy Tammel,  You have given me hope!  I have been struggling with not feeling well for 10 years and for the first time I feel like I am taking some proactive steps to improve my physical health with exercise and sensible eating learned and practiced in your Personal Training Program..  I have been to chiropractors and physical therapists but I feel like this addresses the whole issue.  Thanks again!

Don Lukkason